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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strength in hot water

A lot has happened in the two weeks since I last posted. I feel like I put Eleanor Roosevelt's women as teabags theory to the test (come on, you know, the "never know how strong you are til you've dunked 'em in hot water" deal). Since so much has happened I could probably write 8 or 12 posts about all the emotions and silliness that occurred. But instead I made a list. More efficient, even if it is slightly less revealing.
Here is the rundown:

I calmed down a bit -- since I was too busy to stay outraged for too long.
I put on a conference with about 5 other people with one notable exception, whose desertion showed me a lot about them.
I had nightmares about the glucose screeners lancing someone in the eye. ("ack! who cares if my blood glucose is 400? I'm bleeding from the eye here")
I had nightmares that a millieu of hypertensive diabetics would show up at the health fair and I'd only have 2 blood pressure and 1 glucose screener available.
I spent approximately 6 solid hours (not continuous) at a photocopier in the span of 3 days.
I am now friends with the 5am shift at Kinkos in SE.
Did you know they have this machine that can cut like a 2 inch stack of paper all at once? I had no idea - technology rocks!
I got to see some really cool presentations about health disparities in minorities at said talk. It was pretty awesome.
I studied really hard for like a week. And I think I can actually figure out when someone has atrial fibrillation and what axis their heart is on.
My study group is made up of really awesome friends.
I personally kept at least two Starbucks' in business for the last two weeks.
I was questioned on my dedication and ended a friendship over it.
I took my first test of the second year -- and passed! Yeah, thank goodness.
I wrote an entire manual on a clinic in like 8 hours.
I went three nights in a row with only 4 hours of sleep and woke up at 5am two of those days.
I spent time with a good friend when I needed to.
I taught someone how exponents work and how to use prespositions correctly.
I realized how awesome most of my classmates are - and how supportive and cool.
I was given a really nice gift for telling the truth when I could've said nothing.
I managed to survive an evening at my careers in medicine group leader's house -- trust me it is a survival skill based experience.
I remembered things under pressure and worked out a problem successfully in front of my colleagues.
I met my preceptor, the colo-rectal surgeon, and he was totally cool.
I saw an anal fistula, up close and personal.
I wheeled a man in septic shock to the ER.
I realized how strong I am, and how lucky I am that I have a good family who loves me.
I am incredibly, freaking, tired.

That, in a nutshell, is the abbreviated version of the last two weeks. I'm sort of in awe about how much can happen and how much you can cram into your tiny little brain in two weeks.

bring on the boiling H20


  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger ladomivita said…


    you are amazing, and have done and gone through so much! you should be proud of yourself. we should go out and go shopping so you can spoil and pamper yourself or something :) you deserve a nice break (and lots of sleep)!


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