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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What is wrong with us?

What is wrong with our government? What is wrong with us that we can't stop it?

I am shocked and dismayed by the devestation, and lives lost from Katrina, and I am equally upset by the bungling ineptitude, and lack of human deceny that our government displayed in the face of a tradgedy. This administration is blatantly racist and unforgivably heartless. How we can apporpriate 8 billion for an unfounded war in a foreign country, mobilize troops and topple a regime, but cannot manage to respond in under 3 days to one of the worst National disasters we have ever had is beyond my ability to understand.

If it wasn't for the American Red Cross, and generous volunteers from the US I fear nothing would have ever happened. Kudos to the press for blowing the lid on the inexcusable, absolutely inexcusable, lack of response from George Bush.

This timeline shows in detail the lack of response to the American citizens in Lousiana and Mississippi:

Plus another soldier has made known his disgust at the unbelievable behavior of the people in charge:

Clinton was impeached for an innapropriate sexual act; his actions did not cost hundreds, maybe thousands of American lives. We should be impeaching Bush. When will this administration pay for the crimes they have committed against the United States people?

This administration repeatedly puts money and contracts in the hands of underhanded corporations, shows blatant nepotism, and favors unethical business practices, while simultaneously costing the lives of the poor, the uneducated, and ethnic minorities. We send thousands of young men and women to Iraq to die for oil, or for a son's revenge... or who knows what? and nothing is done to stop it. Then when we need help, when one of the nation's most unique and special cities is devestated, we cannot even count on the government to help. A city that is mostly black, and who's citizens are mostly poor, is apparently worthless to this administration. It is normal everyday citizens who are the heros, who spent time, money, and gave aid when it was needed.
It is outrageous. I have just had it. Donate money to the Red Cross, volunteer, expose this for what it is.
Don't let them cover up the truth the way this administration has been doing for nearly 6 years now.
Here is yet another example:

Meanwhile, I think I am going to invest some time this weekend into setting up an online impeachment petition. In case you haven't figured it out yet... I am outraged.

the world is a darker place


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