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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's French, B*tch.

I watched the Colbert Report last night - pretty funny. Pretty weird, but pretty darn funny. D came over to check it out too so it was like a Siskel and Ebert kind of thing (yes, I know Siskel is dead, but really, Ebert and Roeper? it just sounds dumb). The best line of the night was the one where he said that you had to go by your gut, since there were actually more nerve endings in your gut than your brain. Now, me and D are both med students and we know that is just BS, but it is a testament to Colbert's deadpan delivery that both of us paused, looked at each other and D said questioningly, "That's not true...right?"
Then Colbert goes on to say that if you looked it up in a book that was obviously false - but if you felt it in your gut it was true "in your gut" -- ha. Hilarious.

Also the gravitas-off between him and Stone Phillips was awesome. Pretty sure this kind of quirky randomness will get his show canceled in about a month, but he has definitely captured my demographic (dorky no-life med students).

So tonight, as evidenced by the random relating of minutiae, is a last attempt at procrastination, since I have an epidemiology test tomorrow afternoon. It seems like I've taken this same class thirty five times, but I guess repitition is helpful or something.

I don't have much else to report -- but I'm going on shift with the super-theatrical ER faculty guy on monday night so I'm sure something weird or humiliating will happen to me. At the very least it will be medical and not tv-based. Unfortunately, I am a little worried and will have to do some pre-emptive studying before going in to the pit.

OR = odds ratio = odds of exposure in cases/odds of exposure in controls
OR for me in the ER = "The odds of exposure to weirdness in my 5 hours in the ER are at least 30 times the odds of exposure to weirdness for the average MS2"

Yep I know, super-lame
but probably "truthiful" - ha


  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger ladomivita said…

    heehee, that's funny with the odds ratio ;) but for the minute, i thought OR meant operating room. man, i'm a dork. =D best of luck on your epi exam! you'll rock it.


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