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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hello I am Retarded

So would you believe I had lost the password for this site for like a freaking month? I finally followed up on my brain damage and figured out how to force the blogger folks to give me my password back. But not before I retrieved an incorrect password and thought my site had been accidentally deleted. Yipes. It is pretty sad over here.

Plus I have been down and out with the virus that will not die. The mental impairment may have been partially due to the ransacking of my body by these germs "bent on destruction." This is some kind of war of the worlds alien shit, nearly 3 weeks out and I am still feeling poopy. Although, as I recall... those bastard aliens died from the common cold... so maybe this is some kind of Tom Cruise scientology based illness or something. Whatever.
If you go by my mom and sister (which, although I love them, I don't recommend) I may have contracted bird flu from my thanksgiving turkey cleaning incident (don't ask - at least it made it in the oven, sans all but one giblet baggie - hellooo plastic poisoning) By the way - turkeys, and giblets, are kind of gross.

I also thought I may have had strep from a study partner, but aside from a new puncture wound in my esophagus (run-in with an over eager health service nurse) and an inability to speak for the first week of the illness, my test was negative. Granted the culture taking technique left quite a bit to be desired.

Anyway - as usual I am studying for one of the eternal tests that are synonymous with med school. Currently, I think I may have any one of about 13 different metabolic disorders, unfortunately the sympotms all overlap so barring a brain sinus sample and about 45 blood tests, I may never know until I suddenly drop dead! Or become a man or something. who knows? This shit is bizarre.

However, on a good front : hallelujah!! the epi nightmare has ended!!

We are epidemiology free here in the margaux universe. Joy! Love! Peace and Happiness to all! I don't even care what may have happened to my grade taking that test hopped up on cold and flu medication. And just say no to MPH courses in the middle of freaking med school!

Other than 450 pages of nightmarish tripe to memorize, I am t-minus 15 hours to a test free two weeks --> Yeah for X-mas!!
And yeah! for weather that would not freeze off my balls if I had them in sunny CA (hey, it might be applicable if I suddenly switch genders).

Happy Holidays and fingers crossed for a goiter-free life!!

p.s. no offense if you are goiter-bearing. I do not discriminate based on thyroid nodules, however, that shit does totally freak me out. :-)


  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger ladomivita said…

    heehee so funny =)

    i'm glad you're posting again =) i need more procrastination devices ;)

    yay for being rocking epi!

    best of luck on the exam tomorrow =) you'll rock it, and show calcium who's boss!


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