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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lottery Baby. Lottery

I bought a lottery ticket today. It is the second I've ever bought in my life and mostly because I needed change at the gas station. (Plus I'm not counting the one a friend's mom bought me a few years ago).
But whenever I buy a lottery ticket - I think of my mom... Not because she is some kind of psycho inveterate gambler --- but because her favorite passtime for getting to sleep was to plan what she would do with several million dollars ala the lottery. No silly fence jumping sheep for my mom. Nope, no way, no sir. She planned her spending of cold hard cash. And so now of course, whenever I buy a lottery ticket I do the same.

The powerball jackpot for this week in Oregon is 360 million. Holy crap. Though I have no expectation of winning, here is nonetheless my plan for the earnings (so if you see this kind of money changing hands--- hint hint --- you know it's me!!)

1. pay off all credit card debts, car loans, and student loans (plus proactive for next 3 years including MPH year) : approx. $250,000 (+/- 10,000 = I try not to think of the exact amount)

2. hmm a lot left over eh? ha. Ok next pay off all Lindz's med bills and fix her credit: 2,000 (jeez that was cheap)

3. Set up trust fund for Anthony, Raymond, and Lisher's yet to be born daughter (Natalia?... maybe Margaux jr. after this) : 3,000,000

4. Pay off mom and dad's house and cars -- 2.5 million (yep you read right -- only people can spend more than me and stay completely afloat -- mom and dad)

5. Buy house across the street for Lindzer and Anthony : 1.5 million

6. Pay off Fabian to get a freaking divorce : couldn't be more than 500,000?

7. Give Lisher 1 mil cold to buy new house/quit crappy bank job -- but only if she takes some parenting classes and possibly kicks out Carlos.

8. Lindsay gets 5 million once she gets rid of Fabian. School and childcare galore!

9. Mom and dad get each 5 million to spend (new cars? quit the county -- yipee!): 10 mil

10. Pay off Domi, Sarah, Shika's loans and a at least 5 other friends will get all expenses paid for at med school : 1.6 million : Key here: Get Shika the hell out of the air force before they send her to some god forsaken place.

11. Set up monitored trust for the 2 crazy aunts -- maybe 5 million? Plus in home care for G-ma for as long as she needs it ... we'll say around 3 mil : total 8 mil

11. So we're at roughly 30 million.... how does Bill Gates do it? I'm running out of stuff.... hmm
Ok. New car and house for me in Portland - mini cooper? cool. Oh yeah absolutely personal chef and maybe personal trainer for me. Plus house for me in Carmel for when I finish MD school ... yes I'm still freaking finishing! approx: 2.5 mil

12. At least 10 million each to United Negro College fund, WWF (the wildlife one not the stupid wrestlers), Stanford, OHSU, and the NIH. Maybe another 1 mil to Lindz's Meat Out (not sure if I'm ready to give up a good steak... but maybe I'm just high on protein)

13. 1 mill to fix up and overhaul the MTC - north portland healthcare here you come.

Ok... total so far : 80 million. Hmm... I guess maybe I don't need 360 mil.. 100 mill would be just fine. So Oregon Lottery commission. I'm ready -- and perfectly happy to split it 3 ways.. what do you say?

Who needs sheep when you have Ben Franklin?


  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger ladomivita said…

    oh, margaux you're so sweet =)))

    if i won the lottery, i would pay off your debts, too!! =) and maybe a ridiculous chanel doggie bag for coco ;)

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